Nobu Hotel, Miami Beach

This is an excellent and luxurious hotel with a magnificent oriental concept, relaxed, comfortable, excellent original decor, a beautiful lobby and its Nobu restaurant with its Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

We have been a few days having a wonderful experience at this hotel, the location is great: just 20 minutes from the airport and in a quiet area of Collins Avenue in front of the river, just a few steps away from the beach which is accessed from the hotel privately through its four swimming pools.

The SPA is perfectly decorated to achieve an atmosphere of relaxation, inevitable if you know about their very spacious rooms and huge bed. It has all kinds of details and modern technology. The restaurant comes to transmit new flavors, unknown ones because of the fusion of exquisite products, I would not comment on details because you have to experience it to feel it.

The staff is outstanding, let me explain: I know some of their names but it would not be fair to name a few, each of the professionals are concerned only about your hapiness and I can say that they go out of their way to make your stay unforgettable. People who memorize your tastes and your hobbies, which are ahead to your requests, which are directed to you by your last name from the second encounter, they ask you for every corner of the hotel “how do you feel, can I help you”, professionals who will bring a dish and explain their ingredients, the way of cooking and processing… etc.

NOBU is located in Miami and other cities around the world, In their website you will find it, all of them have in common an incredible restoration and the way they work and treat the client that makes you feel that you are spending a few days being the privileged and pampered guest of a large family.


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