Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro

It is a new hotel, its rooms are spacious and modern. Our bed was very comfortable, the bathroom was super wide and without tub, which makes it very convenient to take a shower.

Surely you would be delighted with a nespresso coffee machine in the room with their capsules and everything you need. It is wonderful to get out of bed and take a luxury coffee in your hotel room.

For bath accessories they use the Loccitane” brand  which is wonderful: shampoo, conditioner, body hand soap and cream.

Location: a negative point is that it is away from the center of the city (45 minutes), but you are in a great location, I think it is the best in terms of security, next to a commercial center with various restaurants to dine, eat buy something and have fun. It has almost everything near the Villa Olímpica and the Olympic Stadium. And although it doesnt has a Beach, they have a free shuttle that leads you to a super cute beach, pretty quiet and safe that is as to 20 min. They take and pick up you where necessary.

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Previous days, we were hosted at a Sheraton having beach and the truth it is nothing to do, it was and old and unsafe Beach, filled with people from the community, people of low social status, dirty, rude, etc. If you want to be next to rich people, this is your choise.

In conclusion, the Hilton is an excellent choice, it is far from the tourist places but we take a tour that passed by us and in  just one day we met all the tourist parts of this wonderful Brazilian city.


Website: www3.hilton.com

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