Giraffe Hotel, New York, USA

Recycled with good taste, the hotel is located close to the Metro and many restaurants. The staff is attentive and well fitted. The rooms are nicely decorated and have a good equipment, although the bathroom is a little small.

It also has a terrace to drink something and good free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. The only flaw I found is that you can hear the noise of the street into the rooms despite the double glass, they should replace it.

But I highly recommend this boutique hotel, where we stayed 8 nights, located on the corner of Av. Park Avenue South and 26th Street. Our room was on the 10 floor, on the 26th Street St. The environment is nice and safe. It is 100 metres from the Flat Iron building and a park.

The rooms are spacious, bright, quiet, well equipped with flat screen, DVD, Radio/alarm clock with I Pad, safety deposit box, iron, minibar, etc., and well decorated, with a large window, black-out curtains with motor and balcony. Very efficient heating/cooling system, on the days that I was there was much variation in temperature, so I used both.

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The bathroom is comfortable, with good quantity and quality amenities, but I could only point out as negative the absence of an extractor dealing out the steam generated by the shower.

The staff is very friendly, with good attitude and professional, several of them speak other languages, useful to luxury tourists. Cleaning and maintenance in the rooms is impeccable. Premium breakfast is really complete, with good quality bread, pastries, fruit, yoghurts and espresso. Café and cookies are 24 hours available. Every night, from 18 to 20 hs, they serve the “Wine & Cheese”, where they offered free champagne, red and white very good quality wine,  accompanied by cheeses from 5 or 6 varieties, vegetables such as celery, carrots, etc., olives, dried fruit and sauces.

I emphasize the quality of this aperitif before dinner, accompanied by piano concerts, live.

Everything in the “Big Apple” is expensive, but this hotel for many of the listed reasons is worth every dollar.



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