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The Shepley Hotel

It has a perfect location, Collins AV. in a lively area with nice movement, but enough quiet to have a good rest. It is a small hotel, which I loved, we stayed in one of their two suites, it had a good size with a very nice seating area and a flat TV, large size screen. A huge bed and very comfortable bathroom with two sinks and a deep bathtub. We loved the decor.

Upon arrival to the hotel I came to the reception to ask where we could park, at the same time came out Samuel and he took us the bags and told me where could I park the car: directly in front there is a parking lot at a great price, $ 1 per hour, with a maximum of $ 20 per day. We went directly to park the car. On the way back, and when we had not done the checking, Samuel had already uploaded the suitcases to the room.

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They have a beautifully decorated wood based lobby, giving a feeling of elegance, sobriety and casual at the same time. A charming and helpful girl registered us, she made it very easy. I have to say that all the hotel staff is very friendly and they care about the customers: from the first to the last.

There was a detail which showed the professionalism of its staff. We hire a trip to go to the Everglades and a boat tour by the houses of the “famous”. The Tour company, us quoted at 9:45 at the door of the hotel, telling us that we should be 10 minutes before the hour, already at the door (do not know why, when more than 30 minutes to arrive were delayed) had several clients of the hotel waiting to be picked up by various companies organizing Tours, passed to collect all of them, but not us. Johans, who was at the door, worried to see that we were not collected, not even we had hired the excursion through the hotel and they were awaiting us. Johans saw us waiting, came out and asked us what happened, I showed him the email that had sent us the Tour company and saw the time of collection, and said: don’t worry that if you are delayed 5 minutes more, hotel will take cards in the matter and it will be us who will directly call the company, at the end he didn’t had to, but I loved that concern he showed for us.

At the entrance of the hotel there is a terrace, which is typical in this type of Hotels at Miami, a terrace where to have breakfast, take rather calmly or smoking a cigarette are easy. I have to say that the hotel has no bar or coffee shop, but it is not a problem now that, next door, there is a restaurant and a supermarket.

That’s our truth, we have passed a few pleasant days in this hotel, its location, kindness and warmth of its staff, its decoration, cleaning, etc. make The Shepley Hotel a very good choice to stay in Miami Beach.