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Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

The travel by boat from the airport is amazing and the reception both at the airport and the hotel is worthy of mentioning. The bungalows are very comfortable, clean and quiet. From your bed you will enjoy the most beautiful sunrises you will ever seen. Spotlessly clean rooms.

You will be greeted with champagne, tropical fruits and delicious cake of courtesy. Throughout your stay will be wonderful. Beaches, swimming pool, restaurants, food and advertisement are excelent.

But the most remarkable is the service. From the moment you will met Federico it will be kindness and willingness to help, all other reception staff are very good too: Edwin, Andrew, Borja, Ami and all the other boys and girls. At the buffet, Heifara, you will be received every morning with -payed- hugs and kisses. They will made you beautiful wreaths. Milady dance beautifully and will do a show on how to use pareos and gift you one very colorful for you. Just a few times you will met people as sweet as she.

What to tell of the guys at the pool bar! Arai, Mika, Raymond, Tetuanaí Moety, will give you a precious ornament. Special mention for Mario for the beautiful hat and headband flowers.

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Do not miss for anything in the world the dinner with show of native dancing and juggling with fire. We can recommend three fabulous excursions: Jet Ski, Parasailing and the tour to feed sharks, swim with stingrays and see coral. This will be simply the best experience of your life. The only word that fits with it is “indescribable”. Of course, none of this would be possible without Tau and Sam that will made this adventure something to remember for life.

As you can see, your experience at Four Season Bora Bora will be super good, this is just a brief review of your days in paradise.