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InterContinental Toronto Centre

Excellent hotel, a unique location, being near the main attraction of Toronto: CN Tower, to which you can go on a few minutes walking.

The upper floor rooms have an incredible view of the tower and the modern buildings of the city. The bed and pillows are very comfortable. The room smell clean and there is enough space for walking, open suitcases and so.

The staff is wonderful, very helpful and informative. The Lord of the luggage is beyond their functions, almost a host, to greet, inform and ask for your needs.

It does not include parking and it is quite expensive, so it is not advisable to have rented vehicle being in this hotel. In the vicinity there is a public pay parking.

Shuttle to the airport is very timely, convenient, and fast; worth the difference in price with the taxi.

The hotel offers pleasant hospitality, but best of all is the attention of one of its employees: his name is Reynaldo and plays its role in the Azure Restaurant.

4978_321_z intercontinental-toronto-centre-hotel-pool Azure-Entrance intercontinental-toronto-centre-hotel-azure c0bac8328a33fc30a84dc7579d9cbd1f Intercontinental-Toronto-Centre-photos-Room-Presidential-Suite

It is a personalized, loving and very friendly attention. It gets you to feel at home, without any problem during your stay.

In summary: the attention is fabulous, a clean place with comfortable rooms, minibar, coffee maker, free Wi-fi, 5 very fast elevators, a huge pool, whirlpool, spa and breakfast not included.