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Trump International Beach Resort

The hotel is stunning in every aspect, from the lobby, pools and rooms, while still being warm. Concierge service is very friendly and attentive. It has its own beach, which makes it very comfortable for those who we like to spend time at the sea. The only thing that we would change is the bar closing hours, since for our liking it closes very early.

It has first class services both for the quality and helpfulness of the staff and facilities. The pools are beautiful, invite the Sun to take a good drink and a bath in warm water.

Beach service is also very good, with comfortable chairs and large umbrellas.

The Trump is one of the many hotel enterprises which flooded of the coastal zone of Sunny Isles luxury with towers, replacing the old motels of beach of the 1950s that were previously there. The only old motel that is still standing is the Thunderbird, very close to this hotel.


trump-international-beach TrumpInternationalBeachResort_Miami_Pool_CreditTrumpInternationalBeachResort Trump-International-Beach-Resort-Miami

If we only talk about the views obtained from the hotel or the comfort that provides, we could say that it is an excellent choice.






Trump International Beach Resort trump-miami_pic

The rooms are luxurious and much comfort, with spectacular panoramic views of the beach as lagoon, very well-designed pools on the edge of the sea, beach, gym, pool and beach, exclusive output wiki bar, etc.




899336_63_z Trump International Beach Resort


The issue is that much of the most exclusive services are not included in the price of the hotel (which is expensive, let us be clear), and thus one must pay for a deck chair on the beach, parking the vehicle at the hotel, or by having internet, eccentric priced service.

The worst thing about the story is that the hotel is not too close to the shopping malls of Sunny Isles, with a vehicle for which the displacement is essential.

Clearly it is a glamorous choice for staying in the area, especially if one travels invited by business; If I had to pay it from my pocket, I would!