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Melia Cayo Coco, Cuba

The hotel is beautiful, a huge complex ideal for newlyweds, with a lot of natural greenery. You can stay in rooms over the lagoon, since they give upgrade for honeymoon: also give you breakfast in the room and a private romantic dinner. The room will always be clean for the pleasure of lovers.

The beach is not very large but water is transparent and the sand is white as snow, an hallucinogenic sensory wonder. You should go early to find lounge chairs. The pool is very cute, ideal for when you are returning from the beach.







Melia Cayo Coco Cuba










All meals buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner are very complete. Drinks made with natural fruit, such as guava, Suriname cherry and carambola, mamón and tamarillo, but only at breakfast juices are squeezed.

The Italian restaurant is highly recommended, you will visit it several times because the food is delicious, as well as the treatment of the staff.

What more highlights of this spectacular place is the treatment of staff. From the gardener to the Manager until the man who change the toilet paper in the bathroom, they are all very friendly, treat you as guests to his home.