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The St. Regis New York

The St Regis Hotel is a hotel of deluxe category that allows you the comfort, services and location that an eccentric traveller in a position to assume the costs for these services want to give. The corridors of the rooms have Butlers, and the loby is classic turn of the century when the hotel was created. There is the Bar where the famous drink Blody Mary was created.


You will be at the best spot in Manhattan, Quinta Av and 55, with all the action and the noise of NY, and enjoy the most pleasant Oasis, with the best service, the best staff at your disposal, always in the category details that make the distinction of excellence. The summum.

It is just different from others: “small”, it has the feeling of tranquillity… lobbies, elevators, main hall, always breathes tranquillity and quietness, the staff is super friendly and they crave to make your stay perfect.

The room is always impeccable, back at noon, room mushroom made with fruit to sit on the couch and relax a moment from the intensity of the excursions. Returning at night the room returned to be perfect with a bottle of water, chocolates, music and prepared shoes. Everything is perfect, bathroom with clean towels, bathrobe, and so on.

Every night you can have a spectacular bloody mary at the bar of the hotel, and you will relax before deciding where to dinner. By walk you can do the main shops: these in a step away from central park and plenty of restaurants. In short: highly recommended.


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