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Hotel Salvia, Mallorca

This is a fantastic place. The excellent staff will propose you a visit to this charming little hotel which is quite extraordinary.

A fortune has been spent by the previous owner by pure passion and the result is an unique site to be, charming and quiet.

The pool area and the garden are a possibility of lunch in the open air, which is a must. The service is excellent, warm and very relaxed. The hotel is located just a short walk from the square of the city and also the tram down to the port line and both offer great options for eating out.


A must for those who love casual luxury with a personal touch. As we said, it is well located and quiet so you must be, maybe, an older person to want to visit it, but the massage is excellent.

In conclusion, the Salvia is a Bed and Breakfast with a beautiful garden and a great atmosphere.


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