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Geejam, Jamaica

It is a new hotel with many nice details of design and comfort. The service is excellent, the staff is willing to help you with what you need and all with a smile, what is difficult to find in jamaica. If you want to meet a celebrity, this is the place to go for holidays.

Port Antonio has so many different options that younever get bored. One day you can go to the Blue Lagoon, another to Frenchmans Cove, to Reach Falls, and so there are thousand options of beaches and activities.

The rooms are comfortable, clean, with all the things you could ever need, with the best technology, so everything is Macintosh, no Windows or ugly Linux out there. You can overlook the sea and terraces for relaxing after a day at the beach. Also there is a villa of three rooms and divine pool, with much art on it. It’s really a fantastic pool and makes all the difference.

If you had to choose a place for holidays undoubtedly you will go to Geejam: family holidays with friends and couples, it is really perfect.

Common areas are spotless. Bush Bar makes the best sushi in the island. It has pool table, full gym and all of your dreams.

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