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Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique

The best of Cantera Diez is its location, just in front of the wonderful Cathedral of Morelia. Just cross the threshold and the bustle of the street disappears and you find yourself in a haven of peace and tranquility.

The old building is combined with modern elements and its eclectic design surprises you with details in every corner, all a feast for the senses of the most eccentric men and women.

The fact of being part of a Bank Office is seen in the old dome that now works as the champagne or safe deposit boxes that are now part of the decoration: you can hide your little treasure there, but don’t expect to be away from the bad guys.

During your stay is always available in the upper lobby a tray with coffee, tea and pastries in the morning and in the evening, a pitcher with fresh water flavored with a touch of cinnamon-Orange one day, and cucumber and lemon to the next, which is appreciated enough after walking around the city. Very original to flavor the water with cucumber, who would say it…

The rooms are spacious and comfortable with excellent amenities. The quality of the service and attention make you to feel at home, provided you have a luxurious home, but you will feel in a Palace, which is better still.cantera_lujoso


It is a Boutique hotel in very good taste that has a touch of distinction considering each space and where the guest is definitely the most important part of the circus of contempt for the crude in its decoration.

It is important to visit their restaurant that in addition to having excellent view to the Cathedral boasts a vast and delicious menu to the most delirious palates, such as peperronchino with salmon ahumado on a crayfish party in two pieces with burnt strawberry sauce.

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