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Isla Mazatlan Golden Resort

It is a place of luxury at an amazing price that will leave you very satisfied, the fun is away from the island, because restaurants are precisely along its docks, is great.

It is not a hotel, it is a luxury villa for 8 people resting as Kings, the check inn is immediately so as the check-out, they won’t have any problems, the quality of sleep is incredible, as well as cleaning of the villa, the pool is very clean, also the gardens, the kitchen has everything you need to prepare any type of food, by the location of the hotel you have an enviable privacy.


There is a trolley that takes you from the hotel to the zona dorada, however if you walk a little you can get to the road where it passes the truck that will take you to the Centre of the city, if you can animate to visit this hotel, it worth, we recommend it widely.

It is literally an island not close to anything, a developing area. It has no beach, has not completed building and the suites are located in a complex where there are private suites. The hotel’s reception does not work all day, just 8 to 21 hours. Suites are very nice, the bathrooms a little tiny but overall very comfortable. The well equipped kitchen is great, the pool is beautiful. The beach club is retired and is not very well equipped, it has a nice pool and a snack bar, but do not offer activities or attractions.

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