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Quinta da Casa Branca

We will recommend you this fantastic hotel, you just will return from your stay in Madeira where you will be staying at the Quinta da casa Branca, and you will say: yes, they know how to treat people.

The place is lovely, modern architecture integrated in the beautiful garden with daily care and the home is very warm.
You can go with your children and they will receive any attention of the staff.

The breakfast is good and salty, sweet, cold or hot, the choice allows to satisfy all tastes.


The deck Bar offers of cocktails, thanks to the bartender that breaks new ground and has proposed great combinations. The restaurant features a menu of quality and will earn more diversity, and the people from the staff will know how to adapt to the demand of your childs and Room service very well if you want to not come out one night.

The room is spacious and the bathroom is very well designed, it has a terrace with transat to take the Sun and views over the garden.

The human scale of the place let you ask for unique requests, evening cocktails and exchanges with other clients.

The SPA and the pool are very nice in this season. The available parking is free and the car is very cheap, just € 190.

The city centre is 15 minutes by feet. For sure, you will return at the Quinta Da Casa Branca. They have hospitality, availability and this beautiful place to share.

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