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Algonquin Hotel Times Square

This is not any common hotel: it has a cat! As we always say, if you’re like the eccentric people, this is the hotel in NY for your extravagances. It is a hotel with character but not very big, it was the first of the city and the site where it was the creation of the magazine with the Lords of the Round Table. Since early 1900s in the lobby, after the functions of theatre artists, intellectuals and many interesting people meet and occasionally do some performance according to the mood.


Rooms are very nice indeed, the beds are super comfortable and very functional and equipped bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, in the room and in the lobby, press machines netpreso in 2 floor with very good coffee, gym and really nice and well equipped business room.

If you can ask for the suite away from the elevator , it would be nice because it makes a lot of noise. Prepare to pay more than 500 USD per night in the suite and despite the effort of Marriot remains noisy. If you want to wake up, peek through the window and feeling that this truth in NY, does not strip it even one night.

It is located between the 5 and 6 in the 42 walk upwards and has 5 walk down to times square: incredible. Marriott, who purchased the hotel, removed the wallpaper from the walls that showed all the cartoons of The Newyorker and that made so funny corridors, but which to Matilda (the logo of the Hotel cat), you must know they put an electric collar so she can not pass to some places: it is totally unacceptable and ridiculous.

The environment is still special in any way. In the lobby the Martinis are perfect, if you like the Scottish ask for one 18-year-old and relax while you hear how it sounds NY Midtown outside, then quit for a ride by 5 and lower to 3 AM to times square.

Attention is very good and if it is problem for you the language, all of them speak pakapaka, good food and face but everything is expensive in Midtown.