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A nice place to rest

Ok, today is a day to rest from our duties, from our eccentricities, from us being rich and luxurious. For instance, if we have little kids, we should know how to grow them healthy.

It is paradoxical that the phrase “sweet dreams” basically evoke the sleeping childrens moment. The reality often reveals that the methods recommended by some experts, based on leave babies crying alone in the crib to train them to sleep all night flipping are quite widespread and naturalized between rich people.

So, it’s not right that all you need is a nose job or a golden ring for your baby. No no. The scene of a baby bursting into tears alone in his crib, locked up in the room without nobody comes to comfort him in order to force him to sleep through the night without bothering their eccentric parents, has nothing to do with “sweet dreams”.

It is seems like a chilling nightmare, so what we need is not a hotbed of silver, platinum, gold or diamonds.

It should be enough with the conviction that there are practices that only by principle we should do, but to get the expected result or not. Let a child tearing of crying in a crib to force it to sleep alone, is one of them.

In this material society, as we are very tired, rushed, distracted as we need to meet our ancestral wisdom or common sense that invariably tells us to rush to pick up in arms and a defenseless creature crying desperate to comfort, lend hand to anthropological, psychological, ethical and scientists arguments who endorse the fact that comfort our babies at all times, is right and healthy.

The nighttime awakenings are a strategy of nature to ensure survival.

Sleep is an evolutionary process that adapts to the needs of the human being. From birth and until around age five, the nighttime in the majority of cases, awakenings are normal. Young children do not have neurological or psychological maturity, nor the same phases of sleep than adults. Therefore need to wake up frequently no to die suffocated, to feed and not suffer a hypoglycemia or because they feel afraid and need comfort, heat, the protection and security of their parents.

A baby comes into this luxury world after spending nine months in the perfect rich habitat within the mother’s womb, accustomed to constant movement, permanent food, the continuous warmth of the maternal body. It is logical that he or she reject, tolerates cold and motionless wedge.

We the human beings (also the eccentric ones) are mammals so we feel the need to sleep accompanied by giving us warmth and safety. More even when we are babies. Why depriving then the smallest and most helpless of comfort and pleasure involving human contact, whenever requesting it? Not a fancy, but a human right.

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