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Olympic luxe

We are in the middle of a new edition of the Olympic Games, and of course, the bon vivants with interest on this regard are beginning to appear with their money!

On this occasion the great coveted has been the torch used in the presentation of the Olympic Games, a piece that looks very good as a collector’s item, but we should really pay a great value.

Surely you will feel disapointed if I tell you that it was not the original torch, but a newly created replica. This was auctioned to the price of -nothing more and nothing less than- 192.000 USD.

The auction was conducted via the web, specifically through eBay and received approximately some 160 offers being sold to the highest bidder to the above price. It is worth mentioning that this was bought by one of the eight thousand participants entrusted with the original torch. What you think about the auction of luxury? We look forward to your valuable comments.

As you can guess, the sale received criticism, more than anything because of the authenticity of the piece, but also had a great deal of partaking. Almost all bids exceeded one hundred thousand dollars. For you, this is just nothing! This is not being eccentric: eccentric people would just use this torch to eat a mandioca icecream on it!

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