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The orm of your shoe

One of the hallmarks that every man should have is a good pair of shoes. Recent investigations throw that 85% of world population admits that they value their partners, friends and couples by the cloth and shoes they have. And if you are a person who like to be recognized by your class, one of your mandatories acts is to buy a really good pair of shoes.

But, other research sources throw that only the 51% of population knows what shoe to buy. Yes, the 49% is the man population.

So, dear and fashion ignorant man reader, this post is for you.

One of the most expensive pair of shoes in the history is the Diamond studded Nike boots. The price is $218,000. You have to choose: a boat or the class. You -ofcourse- will choose the class.

These Nike sports shoes for men are said to be the most expensive shoes in records till date. The shoes were worn by english footballers like John Terry, Rooney and Ferdinand, and were acutioned for charity at the VIP launch of a Ferdinand’s foundation. This awful and expensive shoes are festooned with 7444 precious stones and diamonds. The three pairs are priced at $623000 but the one that worn John Terrys alone coasts $218000.

This shoes are a creation by the fashion model and dancer Luisa Di Marco and were given a distinct look with black diamonds fitted in white gold along with sapphires.

NOTE: you CAN NOT buy this pair of shoes if you are a class man for two reasons.

The First one: this shoes are HORRIBLE!! don’t buy them!
The Second one: if you spend $218000 in a pair of used shoes, you are a HUGE idiot.

And idiots, have not any class.